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Nathaniel Dare from Lagos, Nigeria

Wednesday, 17-06-09 19:35

It good to know about this initiative. Hope to get to know more and be a part-taker as an African Musicologist.


odyke nzewi from South Africa

Friday, 05-06-09 13:16

Thanks everyone for the wonderful comments. We are committed to putting Africa's indigenous cultural Arts practices where it should be, it is more than a job, it is a way of life for us...thank you all as we keep the flame of the African heritage burning


DICKSON MSETI from morogoro ttc.

Saturday, 09-05-09 11:12

You know what ladies and Gentlemen?on 6th may,i was dancing the music on my graduation using the drams given by pro.Mark Nzewi to our college.It was wonderful ever happen.LET US BE POSITIVE FOR THE CULTURE WHICH DOES NOT AFFECT OUR PERSONALITY.


DICKSON MSETI from morogoro ttc

Saturday, 09-05-09 10:55

how marvelous it is to see messages around the world commenting on the beuty of african sound.LET US COME TOGETHER FOR THE LOVE OF TOGETHERNESS.


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