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Jessica Jessica from US

Monday, 05-01-09 14:10

Hello!I enjoyed looking around Your web-site! Keep up this great resourse! With the best regards!


Peter Mbago Wakholi from Western Australia

Monday, 17-11-08 14:41

Thank you very much for this initiative. It speaks to my dreams. I can now see an optimistic future, hopefully through this initiative an awakening towards a new approach to African cultural practise will emerge. This is a calling for all of us to be part of. African conservatariums grounded in African sensibilities will enable us to decolonise our minds and take greater responsibilities in rehabilitating our traditions. Keep up the good job CIIMIDA.


dickson mseti from Morogoro ttc

Friday, 22-08-08 12:25

Africa should wake up from mental slavery and practice our own music and enjoy the natural sound of Africa.


amos rioba from morogoro ttc

Friday, 27-06-08 16:28

I really enjoyed the indigenous music that i never new its best now my mind has been captured by the program conducted by prof, Mark Nzew and his mets.


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