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Materials Produced

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A contemporary study of musical arts

Volumes 1 to 5 is a series that emphasizes the intellectual security of cultural knowledge orientation in the study and research of the musical arts for students and educators that could engage in global knowledge discourse and practice with original cultural-mental integrity. The "Need" that introduces the series argues that "theoretical content, philosophical and psychological foundations of creativity and practice, the nature and principles of musical arts theatre, and research and historical process [should] derive in essence from the original African intellectual perspective about the sense and meaning of music - indigenous to contemporary". The contents discuss what is Africa-generic at the sub-structural level about musical arts conceptualization and practice.

Volumes 1 to 3 are designed as a graduate series for musical arts education at the tertiary level under the module topics: musical structure and form; factors of music appreciation; music instruments; music and society; research; music theatre; and performance. Volume 3 additionally discusses historical processes in African musical arts studies and aspects of Western classical music.

Volume 4 is a collection of scholarly essays, some in narrative style, that discusses specific musical arts topics, basic to African indigenous knowledge grounding, in the disciplinary fields of philosophical illuminations, theoretical explorations, indigenous concept of drama, contemporary musical arts education including dance education, science and technology, and music and health.

Volume 5, Theory and practice of modern African classical drum music, explicates and applies the indigenous conceptualizations, humanistic intentions and performance technique of the African melorhythmic drum music in contemporary sites of drum music experiencing. The imperatives of advancing the indigenous philosophy and theory into global classical practices have informed the literary compositions demonstrating indigenous African compositional theory.

These are offered in three collections:

  • Volume 5.1: Solo concert drumming and drummistic piano
  • Volume 5.2: Intercultural duos
  • Volume 5.3: Intercultural ensembles

A Contemporary Study of Musical Arts

Price List


Vol. 1

The Root: Foundation

ZAR 150

Vol. 2

The Stem: Growth

ZAR 150

Vol. 3

The Foilage: Consolidation

ZAR 150

Vol. 4

Illuminations, reflections and explorations

ZAR 150

Vol. 5

Music Scores (three books a set)

ZAR 200


Book 1 Concert drum solos and drummistic piano solos

ZAR 100


Book 2 Concert duos (drum and voice/woodwind/horns)

ZAR 100


Book 3 Intercultural concert ensembles

ZAR 100

The complete set (Volumes 1-5)

ZAR 550

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Learning the musical arts in contemporary Africa

is a series that derives primarily from African practice-based philosophical underpinnings, educational perspective, theoretical principles and human meanings of the integrated and applied arts of music, movement, dance, drama, and plastic arts. The emphasis in the indigenous African methodology will enable the learner to know the musical arts through inquiry, creative experiences and critical discussions. The series recognises the possibility that the learners may already be capable performers, and is primarily intended to facilitate a literary approach to the known and/or unknown in contemporary musical arts education.

The design of the series makes it possible for non specialists as well as literate adults in any location in Africa and the diaspora to guide the learner in a literary approach that emphasises practical, creative learning, alongside a study of the traditional technological resources, science of music and mind, strategies for mass communication and the management of socio-political systems - past and present. Only then will the contemporary African be able to create, appreciate, discuss and practice the musical arts in the global context, with pride of cultural-mental integrity as well as national and continental identity.

Volume 1&2 ZAR 180 each

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